• Choosing a lawn irrigation contractor

    Questions to Ask

    Before you choose a contractor to install a sprinkler system, ask these important questions:

    Question #1:

    Is the contractor licensed by the state of Minnesota?


    By law, anyone or any entity installing, maintaining or servicing the electrical components of an irrigation system must have a Technology Systems Contractor license issued by the state. Trattles Irrigation's license number is: TS00628.

    Question #2:

    Is the contractor insured, bonded and do they have Workers' Compensation coverage for their employees?


    If a company is not properly insured, a homeowner could be held liable for injuries that occur on their property. Trattles Irrigation is fully insured, bonded and carried Workers' Compensation.

    Question #3:

    Does the company provide a free detailed, at-home estimate?


    Many companies charge for a chance to earn your business or they will try to sell you a system over the phone at one standard price. These companies often cut corners and quality just to get the job. Then when it comes time to install the system, they will try to sell upgrades or simply install an inadequate system. Trattles Irrigation will visit your home and present a free detailed and firm estimate.

    Question #4:

    Will I have to resod or reseed my yard after a system has been installed?


    Not if you use Trattles Irrigation. With the use of a vibratory plow and special equipment, there will be minimal disruption to your existing landscape. Most yards recover in just a few weeks and usually from the road you cannot tell we where there.

    Question #5:

    Does the company use a licensed plumber to do the interior plumbing?


    Some companies neglect to get permits or will request the homeowner to obtain the permit and will perform the work themselves. This is an unlawful practice. Trattles Irrigation subcontracts to licensed plumbers and will schedule an inspection of the completed work.

    Question #6:

    Does the company's licensed plumber install a new one-inch service line?


    Many companies use an existing line or cut off an existing hose bid. This is one of the biggest corner-cutting practices in the industry. Our licensed plumber will install a new one-inch service line from the water meter to the exterior of the house.

    Question #7:

    Where does the company install the valve boxes?


    How often have you seen unsightly large green, square valve boxes in the middle of someone's yard? Placement of valve boxes is important to the aesthetics of your yard. Most companies install them in the grassy areas around the home where they can be seen from windows, decks or from the road. Trattles Irrigation installs the boxes in the borders around the house, so they can covered with rock or mulch. Most systems require two valve boxes. When getting estimates, make sure to inquire where and how many valve boxes will be installed.

    Question #8:

    Does the company specialize in residential irrigation?


    Many landscape and lawn care companies install sprinkler systems on the side. They usually don't have the experience or knowledge compared to the companies that only provide irrigation services. Trattles Irrigation has specialized in residential irrigation for over 25 years.

    Question #9:

    Does the company use professional series Hunter and Rainbird products?


    Simply put, Rainbird and Hunter are the best products on the market.

    Question #10:

    Will the person I bought the system from also be the person who installs it?


    Large impersonable companies have sales people who just sell you a system. They say anything just to get you to buy. At Trattles Irrigation the person who you buy the system from will also be the person who installs it and will usually be the person who maintains it.